SalesPress Pro 2.0 Premium WordPress Theme Integrated Traffic Player Revealed at

Salespress Pro 2.0 Premium WordPress Theme

Salespress Pro 2.0 Premium WordPress Theme

The powerful video traffic player features of the new premium WordPress theme Salespress Pro 2.0 is now being featured on the internet marketing blog of Rick Porter. Just yesterday Mr. Porter featured the powerful squeeze page templates that come integrated with Salespress Pro 2.0 and now today showcases the simple ease of use and functionality of the traffic player.

"The integrated traffic player included in Salespress Pro 2.0 combines beautifully with all of the other options included in this cutting edge WordPress theme. If you ask me who wins between OptimizePress vs. Salespress Pro 2.0 the clear winner is Salespress Pro 2.0. It has everything and then much much more than Optimizepress!" said Porter.

About: Rick Porter is an online reputation management consultant and professional affiliate internet marketer. His current video post which features the powerful video traffic player included within Salespress Pro 2.0 can be seen here at Rick Porters blog. Additional information and internet marketing tools reviews can also be found there.

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Salespress Pro 2.0 Squeeze Page Template Generator Demonstration Video Published on

With Salespress Pro 2.0 anyone can create a high converting email squeeze page with these powerful point and click templates.

Salespress Pro 2.0 has once again been featured on the internet marketing blog of Rick Porter. In a new video the simple squeeze page template generator is given a complete demonstration and overview showing how easy it is to setup high converting squeeze pages with a combination of text and video.

The quick video overview shows the various features and options that an internet marketer can use when using SalesPress Pro 2.0 as their premium WordPress theme.

"The squeeze page function and template setups offered in Salespress Pro 2.0 are in themselves worth the price of admission. The amount of time that this saves is incredible and these squeeze page templates have been proven to convert at high rates. It takes all the guesswork out of setting up a high converting lead capture system to use in your internet marketing campaigns", said Porter.

He continued to say, "Another huge benefit that many people will get with this investment is that there is free WordPress training included as a bonus. Obviously there is training on how to use all the features of Salespress Pro 2.0, but Mark Dulisse has also included basic WordPress training for those people out there that are not familiar with the platform and may be just getting started with either internet marketing or WordPress."

SalesPress Pro 2.0 is available here at

About: Rick Porter is an online reputation management consultant and professional affiliate internet marketer. His current video post showcasing the simple squeeze page template generator of Salespress Pro 2.0 can be seen here at

Check out Prweb to find out additional The squeeze page function as well as template setups presented in Salespress Pro 2.0 are in by themself worth the value of entry. The time period that this helps you to save is incredible and these lead capture page templates have been proven to convert at high rates. It will take all the uncertainty out of making a high converting optin make use of on your affiliate marketing campaigns

SalesPress Pro 2.0 Review of Premium WordPress Theme Cutting-edge Squeeze Page plus Optin Features

Salespress Pro 2 developed by Mark Dulisse provides the most amazing and innovative built-in squeeze page incorporation That I have ever found in just one premium WordPress theme. The internal lead capture page integration makes it possible to produce exceptionally high converting landing pages in seconds. Salespress Pro 2.0 is a vital wordpress theme for each and every internet entrepreneur.

This unique premium WordPress theme provides every single possible tool that each marketer requires with their home business. Almost any Salespress Pro 2.0 review will show you that it’s an remarkable premium wordpress theme which they can use to enhance conversions and sales. SalesPress Pro 2.0 even offers included WordPress training as an included bonus for those who obtain this phenomenal read premium WordPress theme web marketing program.

More kids run the risk of high blood pressure

High blood pressure among children rising

Black children had a 28 percent higher risk of elevated blood pressure than non-Hispanic white kids. In both studies, children with the greatest sodium intake were 36 percent more likely than those with the lowest intake to have elevated blood pressure. More than 80 percent of children in both studies had a daily sodium intake above 2,300 milligrams; however, fewer children in the later study had an intake above 3,450 milligrams. “Everyone expects sodium intake will continue to go up,” Rosner said. “It seems there’s been a little bit of listening to dietary recommendations, but not a lot.” What to do Americans eat an average 3,400 milligrams of sodium daily — more than twice the 1,500 or less that the American Heart Association recommends. Two-thirds of sodium intake is from store-bought foods and one-quarter from restaurant offerings.

Skipping Blood Pressure Medications Linked to Higher Risk of Stroke and Death

Skipping Blood Pressure Medications Linked to Higher Risk of Stroke and Death

Christofferson also said we’re seeing the problem locally. “We’re seeing an amazing amount of school-aged children with weight problems because they’re becoming obese or are obese and don’t do a lot of exercise,” she said. Christofferson also mentioned high blood pressure is mostly due to obesity. It’s also due to not working out and not eating the right foods. The Apple Athletic Club in Idaho Dalls has a tennis center where trainer Holger Nickel teaches junior tennis classes daily. He said he’s seen his share of overweight kids, but they end up losing the baby fat. “Five and 6-year-old children come in here and we help them with athletic skill development.


The researchers recorded the number of prescriptions filled for the participants every year in order to keep track whether they were following their medication regimes. Around 2,100 people died due to stroke while more than 24,500 required hospitalization during the study period. The researchers found that people who did not follow their medication regimes were four times likely to die in their second year and had a three times greater risk of death in the tenth year compared to those who regularly took their medications. “Non-adherent patients have a greater risk even 10 years before they suffer a stroke. We have also found that there is a dose-response relationship, and the worse someone is at taking their antihypertensive therapy, the greater their risk.

Best Foods to Eat Before Bed in New Report Recommended by Diet Recommendations

Best Foods to Eat Before Bed at Night

Best Foods to Eat Before Bed

In a new video and report recommended by, they talk about the best foods to eat before bed disposing some of the myths about what foods to avoid at night for optimal health and weight loss.

The report holds information that will shock some people as to which proteins are actually a bad choice to eat prior to sleeping due to their ability to increase insulin which can cause fat storage. The report even details certain carbohydrates that may be eaten because of their negligible effect on increasing insulin prior to bed.

Rick Porter from Diet Recommendations said, "The information in this free report on the best foods to eat before bed will be extremely helpful to people on a diet that go to bed hungry each night in fear of those calories being stored as fat. It’s never necessary to go to bed hungry when trying to lose weight. Going to bed hungry can be counterproductive causing people to break down and binge eat at night, or even just lay in bed sleepless from hunger."

The report on foods to eat at night is available for free here at

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PM confident in AGT International’s experience in handling water

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AGT International Mati Kochavi informed the Thai Premier that the company was willing to invest in Thailand, especially in the countrys water management project. The CEO said the company was cooperating with Loxley Company Limited in implementing the Module A6 and B4 see AGT International projects. The CEO said Loxley-AGT is highly experienced in sophisticated and complicated water projects. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Yingluck assured Mr. Kochavi of Thailands future cooperation with other ASEAN nations in several other development projects. She also told him about the agricultural zoning which would be promoted throughout the country.

Yoga and Digestive Health

As with any activity, starting at an easy or moderate exertion level makes sense. Dr. Kane recommends traditional Hatha yoga for IBD and IBS because it is slow paced, gentle, and focused on breathing. Hatha yoga is also good for stress reduction benefits of probiotics and improved breathing and has been shown to help with the functional symptoms of IBS, she says. Ashtanga yoga, also known as power yoga, is more vigorous and meant for weight loss. It involves more muscular movements like push-ups and lunges.

Probitotics and Healthy Bacteria for Gut and Digestive Health Video Published by

The video recommends specific foods that rid the body of harmful bacteria and provides detailed information on the worst food for the digestive system. Probiotics can be found in yogurt, kefir, and fermented vegetables, including kimchi, pickled turnips and sauerkraut. Probiotics are also available through high-quality probiotics supplements that provide between 10 and 250 billion billion live culture units of healthy probiotics and bacteria per serving. The video concludes by providing information on a series of simple gut-cleansing techniques that assist in promoting healthy digestive and immune systems. A full Probiotics and Healthy Bacteria for Gut and Digestive Health report is available at . About: is a new website that was launched in June of 2013 in order to educate the community in the importance of health and wellness.

New Website for Anyone Living with Digestive Disorders

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